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1.1 Brief History

   The department of business administration was originally founded in 1969. and offers five-year junior college programs. Later in 1973, our department offers two-year extension junior college programs. In addition, in 1977, we offer Extension Junior College.
    In 1983, we offer two-year junior college programs. In 1998, we offer two-year extension junior college programs including logistics management track. The junior college was reorganized into a technology college in 2002, and offer two-year college programs. Later in 2003, we offer four-year extension college programs. In 2004, we offer graduate institute of business administration.

1.2 Features

   The goals are to meet the need of national economic and trade policies, and to cultivate qualified professionals for the modern business environment. The Department encourages students to actively participate in practical business administration and student clubs, so that they can be familiar with planning, execution and management of a program, as well as develop confidence and professional knowledge. The key points of training include:

  • Cultivate management experts who are good at both theory and practice.
  • Cultivate professionals with certificates about business administration.
  • Create an atmosphere in which both advanced study and employment are stressed.

1.3 Introduction to Courses

   By the standards set up by the Ministry of Education, the Department has professional courses, core courses and required courses, Elective courses include Business Development in Taiwan, Small and Medium Enterprises, Career Planning, Business Automation, Logistics Management, Practices of Sales Management, Public Relations, Commercial Negotiation, Retail Management, E-Commerce, Planning of Business Resources, Futures and Options, Financial and Economic Current Affairs, Labor-Management Relations, Corporate Ethics, Consumer Behaviors, Accounting Information System, etc.

1.4 Future Department

    The School will soon offer the four-year college program and "elite" two-year junior college program. In the 2004 academic year, the School will offer the Business Administration program in the Business Graduate School. When the second campus at Ping-Chen is finished, the School will apply for the establishment of an incubation center. The cooperation between manufacturing and commerce will continue, in the hope that practical and theoretical sides are well integrated to elevate teaching quality and academic level.